The District’s philosophy of education, goals and objectives were adopted by a Board of Education in 1981 (see Board Policy Manual, Code ADA). Since that time, the District’s goals and objectives have been revised twice, with the most recent manual adoption occuring February 8, 2000. Past Boards have established goals to guide the administration in developing specific, system-wide objectives to provide standards for a quality educational program. These goals and objectives are ongoing, and the District is in the continual process of implementing its stated goals and objectives based on its philosophy of education.

Shared Vision Statement
Pulaski County Special School District is committed to creating a nationally recognized school district which assures that all students achieve at their maximum potential through the collaborative, supportive and continuous efforts of all stakeholders (teachers, administrators, support staff, families, students, communities, and businesses).

Shared Core Belief Statement
When it comes to student learning in Pulaski County Special School District, we the stakeholders (teachers, administrators, support staff, families, students, communities, and businesses) believe that for all students to succeed:

  • They must have a safe physical, social and emotional learning environment.
  • All stakeholders of education must be actively involved.
  • Curriculum, instruction and learning opportunities must be diverse,engaging and developmentally appropriate.
  • Schools should be communities of learning where all teachers and staff do whatever it takes to assure all students learn.
  • All decisions must be data driven.

Accreditation Standards
All schools in the PCSSD are accredited by the Arkansas State Board of Education. Every PCSSD school strives to meet standards by analysis of data to include Formative Evaluation Process for School Improvement (FEPSI) and state mandated testing (criterion-reference tests and norm-reference tests) in order to address areas of concern through its school action plan. All PCSSD schools plan for school improvement using the Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plan (ACSIP) process with guidance from the District and the Arkansas Department of Education.